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1. Q: How do I add friends? A: When you are logged in, search for the user using the "Search User" box.
2. Q: How do I send private messages? A: With a logged in account click "More options" and select "[Private messages]", then click "Send message".
3. Q: Who has my information and can set who sees it? A: Nobody has your information, except you and who you set to see it. And you can just not fill out your basic info and then no-one can see it.
4. Q: TKCC's not working, what do I do!? A: use the "Contact TKCC" form or email
5. Q: How do I private chat? A: Find the user you want to chat with and click on their username. Then select "Invite to private chat".
6. Q: Can I send credit, and how? A: Yes you can and to send credit, you must select the user name of the person you want to send it to, then click "Send my credit".
7. Q: How do I find friends? A: Search for the user/s on the homepage with the "Search users" box. When you have done that, click on the username you wish to message or friend request and follow the prompts. If you cant find the user you wish, please contact them directly.



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